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  • GoPro releases the $299 Karma Grip handheld stabilizer
     The GoPro Karma Grip is now available. The camera maker announced today that the handheld stabilizer is for sale in select stores and for $299. This is the same handheld grip that shipped with the Karma drone — at least before the drone was recalled for battery issues. The... Read more »
  • Artificial intelligence and the evolution of the fractal economy
     Money makes the world go round, or so they say. Payments, investments, insurance and billions of transactions are the beating heart of a fractal economy, which echoes the messy complexity of natural systems, such as the growth of living organisms and the bouncing of atoms. Read More ... Read more »
  • How will Silicon Valley respond to Trump?
    Capital founding partner Freada Kapor Klein isn’t happy.  Klein, one of technology’s leading social activists and impact investors, has been “deeply troubled” by the election of Donald Trump. She is particularly disgusted by what she calls the “unleashing” of “horrific behavior” since the election, such as what she fears might... Read more »
  • VeeCee gives kids a shoppable wish list with virtual currency
    Giving kids a new way to get the things they want, with greater parental oversight, VeeCee is a hack created by a four-person team from London’s Barking Dagenham suburbs. The group’s pitch was handled by 12-year-old, Ebenezer Odubanjo — the youngest presenter at this year’s Disrupt London hackathon. A programmer since 9,... Read more »
  • Mischief managed: 5 hackathon hacks for Potter fans inspired by the Marauder’s Map
     Great news, Potter fans: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is no longer the only place in the world where you can find a working Marauder’s Map, the magical piece of parchment that let Harry Potter and others track the movements of people as they went around the Hogwarts campus and its many public and secret passageways. This... Read more »
  • Three cheers for Valley capitalism
     It’s easy to be critical of the tech industry, and even easier to be critical of capitalism itself. Let us all continue to do so; criticism is valuable. But let’s remember that we do so because they are so important. Capitalism is still what lifts the world’s least fortunate out... Read more »
  • helps you explore the cool spots all around you
    true is a service for those moments when you want to explore the area around you, but don’t know where to go. It was created this weekend at TechCrunch’s Disrupt London hackathon by a team of three coworkers from Seattle-based Azuqua. One of them, Skyler Hartle, told me that they were... Read more »
  • The Emotion Journal wins the Disrupt London 2016 Hackathon Grand Prize
     Some of them were participating in our event for the first time, while others were regular hackers. Their challenge was to come up with a neat, funny and smart hack in just 24 hours. We could all feel the excitement in the air when the 63 teams took the stage to... Read more »
  • wants to be your virtual receptionist
     Checking in at a co-working space or business to meet with somebody can often be a hassle that involves some phone tag and back and forth., one of the many projects that came out of our Disrupt hackathon in London today, wants to make this easier. It combines Cisco Spark’s... Read more »
  • The Emotion Journal performs real-time sentiment analysis on your most personal stories
     Andrew Greenstein, an app developer from San Francisco, started journaling a few months ago. He tries to write for five minutes every day, but it’s challenging to set aside the time. Still, he’s read that journaling reduces stress and can help with goal-setting, so he’s trying to make it a... Read more »

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  • SEO settings

    Replies: 0


    I am currently using “All in One SEO” plugin in my current theme (twenty eleven theme). I am afraid I will lose all my SEO settings when I change my theme to OnePress. Will this happen or is there any solution via a plugin? I checked “SEO Data Transporter” plugin but OnePress doesn’t seem to be supported…



  • 450 Misaligned

    Replies: 0

    What am I missing? Prints ok through Dymo app.

    View post on

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  • no subscription form

    Replies: 1

    I am considering the purchase of what appears to be an awesome plugin.
    The thing is I cant find where I can design a subscription form.
    I read the doc but there is no “newsletter –> subscription form” with my installation.

    Thank you for the help

  • Localization of Posts in Grid

    Replies: 0

    Need to show localized content ONLY IF it exists inside of WordPress. We tag our articles with a primary category & each category has a localized name as well. For example, if a locale is English – we want to show only English posts. If Spanish, only show Spanish posts. There should not be a default to any language so if no posts for that locale, do not show.

    How could we configure your plugin for this?

    We are using WPGlobus for localization inside WordPress.

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  • site look and feel

    Replies: 0

    one of the reasons I don’t get a good user retention rate is because all sites with the plugin have the same generic look and feel with all other sites. I get quiet a lot of sign ups but a lot of them don’t go the full way to become members and are dropped off. My conclusion is there is not enough original look and feel to entice them to go all the way to compete their profile. You have got to give us a way to get creative on this issue so as to retain more members.I checked your premium add on and it too does not have this critical feature. Originality rules online. I one for one was supposed to have upgraded one site this month but cannot do so because i have not reached the numbers. Wanna make money? give us a drawing board to get creative.

  • Use with wp-lcache?

    Replies: 0

    Couple questions when to use this plugin. I host on pantheon.

    1. Would you use this for membership sites? Majority of users are logged in or just use wp-lcache. Or use both?
    2. Redis, Advanced Page Cache, and WP Cache. Is there a time to use all three, just two, or just one?

    Trying to wrap my mind around this. I’m hosting both membership sites and regular non-member sites. A few sites already using Redis.


  • help me focus on seo on and off

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    it is perfect tool to be used

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  • Support Request Ignored…!

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    I have opened a ticket at support department site and used the “expert support” button within the premium plugin, but have not received an answer since a week…
    Being a premium user of your plugin, having paid for the expert support but not receiving it is kind of upsetting…
    Would you please update and answer to my question in ticket id: #137450 ?

    Thank you.

  • Forum Roles Not Changing

    Replies: 0

    Hello, I am currently encountering a problem in which the forum roles tab isn’t responding. For example, yesterday I managed to add a background color and bold the text to the “Moderator” forum role, but today when I tried to edit the “Keymaster” forum role, nothing is changing. I have already tried disabling the plugin, purging all caches, and using a different browser, but the problem still persists. Does anyone know how to fix this?


  • Plugin fantastico

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    Muy Intuitivo, práctico y con grandes prestaciones. Fantástico