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  • The cost of hot selfie app Meitu? A healthy dose of your personal info
     You’ve probably seen a Meitu selfie in your Instagram or Facebook feed in the past 24 hours. The app smoothes skin, slims down faces, and even applies a layer of virtual blush and lipgloss, adding a beautifying effect to your photos. And although the app has been popular in China... Read more »
  • Crunch Report | Zoom CEO Eric Yuan Raised $100 Millon
    Hanging out with the CEO of Zoom Eric Yuan and talking about the most recent investment for Sequoia for $100 million, LinkedIn’s major desktop update, and the NHTSA fully exonerates Tesla’s AutoPilot. All this on Crunch Report Read More ... Read more »
  • Unboxing six gadgets from CES 2017
    I had a great time out here at CES 2017 in Las Vegas — every once in a while I got to sneak away and walk around a little bit and check out the goodies. A little walking here, a little checking stuff out there. Sometimes I fell asleep under... Read more »
  • The inauguration is happening tomorrow; here’s where you can stream it
     If, say, the presidential inauguration is a thing you’d like to watch on Friday morning, then great news, friend, there are plenty of options. The bad news is that you’ve missed the musical stylings of Toby Keith, Lee Greenwood and 3 Doors Down. The good news is that the real, good-old-fashioned inauguratin’... Read more »
  • Meet Alchemist’s class XIV startups making everything from smart beer taps to a safer internet
     Enterprise tech startups unveiled their products and pitched investors at Alchemist Accelerator’s 14th demo day in Santa Clara, Calif. today. The companies ranged from a Stanford AI labs spinout, Eloquent Labs, to the hardware-makers like Amber Agriculture and PubInno, to lots of software-as-a-service and cybersecurity developers, more like you’d expect from an…... Read more »
  • Zelda will be Nintendo’s final game for the ‘end of life’ Wii U
     Nintendo has just confirmed that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be the last first-party game for the company’s soon to be replaced Wii U. It’s a bittersweet moment for die-hard fans of the console — and yes, they exist. Read More ... Read more »
  • Here are the first 10 official U.S. proving grounds for autonomous vehicle testing
     The U.S. Department of Transportation has identified 10 sites as officially designated proving grounds for autonomous vehicle testing in the U.S., including The Willow Run, Michigan-based American Center for Mobility; Concord, California’s GoMentum Station; the City of Pittsburgh and more. The sites are designed to help the locations share best practices... Read more »
  • Kristen Stewart co-authored a paper on style transfer and the AI community lost its mind
     Hollywood and the academic artificial intelligence community have an interesting relationship, to say the least. Many people interested in the field, myself included, love science fiction, but regularly end up being the obnoxious commentator on family movie night pointing out that Johnny Depp’s Transcendence is more anti-intelligence than artificial intelligence.... Read more »
  • Roli’s modular music making Blocks get Logic and Ableton compatibility
     Roli’s fun little modular musical instrument took a turn for the more serious today, as the UK-based startup announced compatibility with a number of top music production apps. The functionality comes courtesy of a new Dashboard app for Mac and Windows unveiled at the NAMM conference in Anaheim today, letting... Read more »
  • Founderkit taps founders to suggest the best tools to get a company off the ground
     While running Yardsale, a previous Y Combinator startup based around essentially making it easy to sell your old stuff, Ryan Mickle had the benefit of talking to alumni and colleagues to figure out what to use to build it. But one of the basic services he used to run it ended... Read more »

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  • Worked after some playing around.

    Replies: 0

    Just wanted to let you know that the free version of Hide/Show comments “Works” but I had to modify some of the core JS files in order to make it happen. The reason being is that even though it does indeed hide all comments on the articles on my site. It does not show any initial text. Just a <span></span> so if you click on the space where that is at it will then show you the “Hide/Show comments text”

    I’m not sure if this effects the premium version as there may be a separate plugin branch for that.

    file modified:


    line 75

    where it says the following:

    			if(base.hash == 'undefined')

    Change to:

    			if(base.hash == 'undefined')
    	                        base.$btnHideShow.html('<span>' + opt.hideShowTextShow + '</span>');			

    This gets the ball rolling with showing text upon initial blog loading.

    Just to let you know that I am running GeneratePress Premium. If this bug is corrected in the free version then I would certainly buy the premium and change my star rating.

    Thank you very much.

    – S

  • Post title not responsive on the widget area

    Replies: 0

    Hey there.

    Your plugin is amazing, however i have encountered the same issue as the others. If i use the widget style the tytle is not looking well on mobile.
    I have figured out, what if i use the same caption as the bottom of the post page?
    Is there any css code you have, what i can use the customize the widget please?


  • Hack of all my WP installs

    Replies: 0

    Yesterday I was bombarded with emails from my Wordfence security plugin due to a hack. Here is the run down of what looks like happened:

    1. A new user called “Backup” was created from outside WordPress
    2. A folder called “wflogs” was created which contained the following files


    all the files in the list contain mostly unintelligible strings of content except the wafRules.php which looks as though its searching for various versions of plugins or various types of files including .php files.

    3. The content of all .php files was edited to add a large string of code to the top.

    Every WordPress install I had was affected.
    Wordfence pulled this IP address info from the user called “Backup” who logged in:

    User IP:
    User hostname:
    User location: Sydney, Australia

    I have deleted all the folders and files that were created by the user and am reupgrading my WP install to clear any affected files. I dont have much time to mess with it right now but if anyone has any tips let me know.

  • Ad Output Mode – Caching Compatible (Javascript)

    Replies: 0

    I see sam-pro has switched to using admin-ajax.php for loading ads asynchronously (which is great) for cache compatibility but since samProOptions js variable is output inline, it is being cached and samProNonce may not pass the nonce validation check. Nonces doesn’t make sense here. They’re meant for security in case user is logged in. Check this out


  • Image Caption Not Below the Image

    Replies: 0

    When I add a Caption to an email in the edit field, the caption usually shows up on the bottom of the image.

    Lately, it’s been showing up on the top left of the image and goes down to the bottom of the image:

    Why is this happening and how can I fix this? Please help!! 🙂 All my plugins and WP are updated to the latest.

    Thank you!

  • Master Sliders not loading in Google Chrome

    Replies: 0


    Just recently after updating to WordPress 4.7.1, all Master Sliders on my website have stopped working in the Chrome web browser. These sliders all work fine in Safari. But seeing as Chrome is such a major browser, I need it to work when clients view my site through Google Chrome as well.

    Here is a link to the site that has problems:

    There is a slider that should load right at the very top of the page, and one that loads a little further down past the pricing tables. Both of them are continuously stuck on their loading circles..

    Please help 🙂

    Thank you!

  • Rest of the Fonts List

    Replies: 0

    I am trying to use Muli but I can’t find it in the list? Does it have something to do with the API key? If so, I already added my API key, still no Muli. Please help!

  • Fatal Error : Cannot redeclare get_category_link()

    Replies: 0

    {Moderator note: moved to Fixing WordPress]


    I have site hosted on Azure window server.
    With WordPress version 4.6.1
    My site get down after some interval of months.

    I have capture log in debug.log file. Please check my below fatal error :

    PHP Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_category_link() (previously declared in wwwroot\wp-includes\category-template.php:19) in wwwroot\wp-includes\category-template.php on line 19

    Can you please assist me on this. which is impacting on my site performance and various things


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  • Malformed URLs After Upgrade…

    Replies: 0

    So I just upgraded this plugin not too long ago.

    But now, instead of my media URLs looking like this:

    They now look like this:


    Any help with this issue will be appreciated.

  • Send 2 emails

    Replies: 0

    How do I send 1 email to me, and 1 to the sender, but the sender’s email is of a different format to mine? Ie fewer fields etc