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  • Cash is no longer king
     The idea of a cashless society is one of the topics that stirs up a heated debate when it comes to the digitalization of banking and society. While the anonymity of cash acts as an enabler for the illegal economy, many fear that the lack of said anonymity will inevitably... Read more »
  • Sony surpasses expectations, selling 915,000 PlayStation VR headsets in first four months
     Turns out there might actually be money in VR hardware. Since going on sale just four months ago, Sony details to the NYT that the company has sold 915 thousand of its virtual reality headset, the PS VR. The article also details that Sony had originally set internal goals to... Read more »
  • Samsung will be giving smartphones another try on March 29
     After the corporate garbage fire that was the Note 7 reveal, Samsung has been left with a smartphone business with far less certain success in its future. After months of awful press and the worst PR shit storm we’ve seen in years, Samsung is ready to give its smartphone line a... Read more »
  • Samsung just proved it doesn’t need the world’s largest mobile conference anymore
     Mobile World Congress is underway in Barcelona. By most metrics it’s the largest conference in the world dedicated mostly to mobile technology and gadgets. And Samsung just punted. Mobile World Congress needs Samsung more than Samsung needs Mobile World Congress. Samsung just held its MWC press conference and what’s interesting... Read more »
  • Samsung announces updated Gear VR headset with handheld controller
     Samsung’s mobile virtual reality effort, the Gear VR, has been an important product to the company in terms of drumming up excitement around the company’s innovation on next-gen platforms. Since the earliest version of the headset was first announced in 2014, we’ve seen a few largely incremental updates to the company’s... Read more »
  • Samsung shows off a 5G router for the home
     We knew Samsung would be launching a tablet or two at tonight’s big Mobile World Congress kick off event, but it turns out the company also had a couple of other surprises of its sleeve. The Galaxy maker kicked things off with a handful of 5G and infrastructural announcements, including... Read more »
  • Listen to Andy Hertzfeld on Steve Jobs movie, General Magic, and his time at Google
     Last week I caught up with Andy Hertzfeld, a Silicon Valley legend who really shouldn’t need an introduction. Read More ... Read more »
  • Inside Forward, ex-Googler Adrian Aoun’s idea for the doctor’s office of the future
     Forward, a new type of futuristic doctors office launched its first location in the heart of San Francisco’s financial district at the beginning of this year. Some in the health industry have had their doubts about a doctor’s office with propriety tools like a body scanner, stethoscope and its own in-house... Read more »
  • Motorola does the unthinkable and unveils gadget concepts
     The gadget world is stale and boring now. Phones look the same. Action cameras copy GoPro, headphone companies copy Beats. Most electronic companies are overly cautious about going to far. Vaporware can kill momentum. Yet today Motorola threw its arms in the Spanish air and said fuck it. During its... Read more »
  • Samsung is doubling down on tablets with the Galaxy Tab S3 and Galaxy Book
     Mobile World Congress could have been Samsung’s big moment to put 2016 behind it once and for all with a brand new flagship handset. Instead, the company is using the world’s biggest smartphone show to debut two distinctly different – yet decidedly Samsungy — takes on the largely staid tablet... Read more »

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  • Used for Years

    Replies: 0

    I have used this plugin for years and continue to love it!

  • Duplicate posts

    Replies: 0

    I am having duplicate posts appear. One with a thumbnail and one without. I have emailed several times and thought this best to resolve.


    I have emailed the user/PW as instructed but your email must be junking my messages.

    Can I PM the login. I am getting very keen for an answer.


  • User profiles page not found

    Replies: 0

    I am seeing several post regarding the inability to view your profile and getting the 404 error, but I have yet to find a post with the actual resolution

    I can see the “Members” page, but cannot see any of the profiles, including my own. Every link gets me a 404 error.
    I have tried the steps this doc for the issue, to no avail:

    Thank you for any insight, assistance you can give for this.

  • Plugin seems to keep switching to disabled

    Replies: 0

    I love this plugin but it seems to keep switching to disabled and we only notice when a PO box order comes through. I’ve tried to narrow down what might be switching it to disabled but can’t get it happening consistently. I’ve tried

    – General wordpress updates
    – Other plugin updates
    – Git actions on the server

    Do you know of any issues or potential causes that might switch it off? If not is there something I can add in my functions that would override that switch and set it to enabled all the time?


  • No sidebar page

    Replies: 0

    I’ve used Libre for long time. I would like to stick to it and create the Full Width Page. As a free user Can I make the sidebar invisible without access to the CSS editor?

  • Widgets & Sidebar

    Replies: 0

    Hello. I have two questions:

    1. I would like to add a Search Box and two Custom Fields (dropdown) on my homepage. I would like it to resemble:
    Is this possible? If so, how do I link the results to the proper Custom Fields I created? I watched all your videos and couldn’t find the answer.

    2. Slidebar – How do I remove the number(s) in the dropdown? I don’t want the user to know how many products are in each Custom Field.

    I’m using the premium version.

    Thank you

  • Errors since update

    Replies: 0


    Since updating this morning my site is a mess. Have a look at:

    Please let me know what’s causing this?


  • how to log out dasboard?

    Replies: 0

    hello sir,
    how to logout your dasboard wbsite?

  • Portfolio category name title display

    Replies: 0

    Hi everybody. I’m setting-up a website and using the free version of Maker theme by ThemePatio and consequently Portfolio Toolkit plugin.
    I implemented the plugin WP Custom Widget Area to create an additional menu with portfolio categories.
    Now, when I open a page listing all portfolio galleries within a category, I see the page title in this form:

    “Portfolio Category: Category Name”

    I would like to get rid or change the part of the title “Portfolio Category” that is automatically added to the tile by WP.

    Could you help?

    Thank you very much.

  • Subtitle in Qode Slider doesn’t translate properly

    Replies: 0

    I am using Polylang with the Qode Bridge theme and the website is translated into 3 different languages: German, Italian and English.
    My problem is with the Qode Slider. It allows you to create a number of slides, which are then put together as one Slider. Each slide allows for a title, subtitle, image etc. There appears to be a bug with the Subtitle field as it’s not translating correctly.
    Each time I update the subtitle for one of the slides in English, it will appear in the German and Italian version as well. However, translations for the Title works fine.
    Has anyone come across the same problem and know how to fix it?
    I’ll be grateful for your help. Thanks!!!