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Rayne, my newest WordPress Theme

Yesterday I decided that it was time for version 3 of my personal site After much inspiration from some great designers I follow onĀ dribbble, I came up with this idea for a blog style WordPress theme (what you see right now). I really like how the designed turned out and I decided it couldn’t wait any longer and I developed the site in the same night… 2am came pretty quick.

This was my first time actually developing a custom commenting system for WordPress and I learned a lot from it. I kept adjusting the design all night and decided to add some CSS3 animation to the theme, which turned out to be icing on the cake. I’m very happy with the final result. I’ve decided to make the theme free and open-source on GitHub. Hopefully it will be up in the WordPress theme repository soon, but I know I want to make a few changes before that happens like adding a customizer option so users can change the colors of the theme.

Anyways, please feel free to post any feedback on the theme below. You can download or contribute to the themeĀ here.

  • I really like the css3 animation which triggers on page load. That one animation tricked me into thinking it was a fancy single page website. Good stuff.

    • travis

      Thanks Austin! I didn’t know I was going to include animation until making last minute touches. Have some great ideas for the portfolio section whenever I get time to work on it.

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