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Managing multiple WordPress sites with Multisite

As a new endeavor, we’ve been creating all of our new sites on our localhost with multisite. It is a bit of a learning curve moving from regular WordPress installs to Multisite, but the benefits seem to keep growing everyday.

The one thing that really confused me at first was using multiple plugins across sites. There are two ways to install a plugin for multisite. The first is Network Activate, which activates the plugin across all of your websites. This is great for plugins like Debug Bar or Gravity Forms but is not always a good idea for using something like an eCommerce plugin like WooCommerce. Since not of our websites are eCommerce, there is no need to have the plugin activated across all sites. If you don’t chose network activate and just install the plugin, then switch from network access to the individual site, you can then install the plugin specifically for that site. Thankfully with some email help from my good friend Austin @ Anchordev, I was able to figure this out quicker.

Another huge benefit to Multisite for theme developers is keeping all of your themes in one directory and being able to easily access older code to use on a new site you’re developing.

All in all, I’m still learning Multisite, but I can already tell this is something we’re going to be switching all of our sites to pretty soon. Figuring that out will be my next task.

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